Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville

celebrating 25 years of building dreams EST. 1991

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Board Governance Committees


Executive Committee

Chair – Doug Ford
Members – Doug Ford (Chair), Jeff Hall (Vice Chair), Larry McElwain (Secretary), Stephen Colgate (Treasurer), Wendy Brown (at-large), Albert Connette (at-large), Anne Ternes (at-large), and Dan Rosensweig (ex-officio)
Staff Contact – Dan Rosensweig
The Executive Committee’s authority derives from the authority of the board. Its two primary responsibilities are acting swiftly on urgent matters in between board meetings and deliberating on selected, primarily financial, matters in order to present a summary report on complex issues requiring a board vote or requiring further board deliberation.

Finance Committee

Chair – Stephen Colgate
Member – Stephen Colgate (Chair), Doug Ford (ex officio), Jeff Hall, Tim Sims, Carter Hoerr, Robert Wood, Dan Rosensweig (ex officio) and John Desmond (ex officio)
Staff Contacts – Dan Rosensweig, John Desmond

The Finance Committee is responsible for the following functions:

  • Developing the annual budget
  • Maintaining budget controls
  • Managing and investing the funds of Habitat and its affiliates
  • Collecting funds due to Habitat and its affiliates
  • Oversee the Treasury function and all persons handling funds or properties of Habitat and its chapters


Nominating Committee

Chair – Jeff Hall
Members – Jeff Hall (Chair), Doug Ford (ex officio), Wendy Brown, Julia Kudravetz, Gloria Rockhold, and Dan Rosensweig (ex officio)
Staff Contact – Dan Rosensweig

The Nominating Committee is responsible for:

  • Presenting a slate of director and officer nominees to the Board to be elected before the beginning of each fiscal year to serve during that fiscal year, and beyond in accordance with terms as established in the By-Laws.
  • Presenting nominations of persons to join the Board during the fiscal year.
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