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celebrating 25 years of building dreams EST. 1991

25 for 25: Celebrating our 25th anniversary with stories of Habitat families and supporters

25 for 25: Celebrating our 25th anniversary with stories of Habitat families and supporters

As Habitat celebrates 25 years of service to the community, we are thrilled to reunite the many thousands of people in the community who have made so many dreams come true over the past quarter century.

“In small groups, in strategic planning sessions and at a really fun, come-one, come-all block party, we will commemorate Partner Families’ achievements while creating a plan and generating the resources to multiply our impact over the next 25 years,” said Habitat President and CEO Dan Rosensweig.

One of the best ways you can both celebrate with us and help us reach out to new friends is to participate in our 25 for 25 program. This year, we are asking twenty five supporters to step up to host an event, organize a build, or “donate” your birthday party to Habitat.

Two long-time supporters have already answered the call.

Amy Hill

Amy Hill was approaching her 50th birthday and looking for a meaningful way to commemorate this milestone event. She has recently committed a lot of time to Habitat’s Women Build group and could think of no better way to celebrate than a day on the Habitat construction site with her friends.

“I know I only have so many hours in my day, my month, my lifetime – so I’m careful how I use that time.  I always feel so rewarded by any time I devote to Women Build,” said Amy.  “Habitat accomplishes things that are important to the evolution of Charlottesville – I love sharing with friends how they’ve adapted their approach to respond to the needs of our community.”

On her birthday this year, Amy was joined by four of her close friends who were new to Habitat, and was so excited to share the experience with those who may not have thought they could volunteer on the construction site without prior experience.

 “I felt comfortable inviting all of my friends, even the ones with no building experience.” said Amy. “I have great confidence that they learned a lot and want to come back. I look forward to celebrating my birthday in this way again next year!”

Bill Goldeen

Bill Goldeen wanted to put his construction skills to use, so he reached out to Habitat and began a one-year volunteer project in 2013, helping with odd jobs around the Habitat office.  When his own home renovation project began to pick up, Bill wasn’t able to continue his volunteer service, but Habitat was not far from his mind.

As Bill’s 60th birthday approached, his friends and family asked how he wanted to celebrate and he immediately thought of Habitat.

“Birthdays aren’t important to me, but I realized it was a good opportunity to share information about a cause that’s really important to me – Habitat,” said Bill. 

Bill decided the theme of his birthday would be 60 for 60, and began the endeavor of asking 60 friends to each donate $60 to Habitat in his honor.

“It was a really great way to introduce Habitat to a new group of people,” said Bill. “I’m passionate about Habitat because they are doing things no one else is doing – their work has such a significant impact on the Charlottesville community.”  

To date, Bill has raised more than $2,000 and was able to share his passion for Habitat with 20 of his closest friends and family during his April birthday dinner.

To learn more about hosting a gathering to raise awareness about Habitat or a volunteer build day on the construction site, contact Development Manager Sasha Greene at sgreene@cvillehabitat.org or call 434-293-9066.



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